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All about Michael Noker, a writer, YouTuber, and designer from El Paso, Texas.Who I am

I’m Michael Noker. I’m a twentysomething writer (check out/follow my writing on Medium), YouTuber, and entrepreneur.

Here are some fast facts:

  • My slogan, sunshine and poor life choices, is about being optimistic, making bold decisions that other people consider diagnosable (it’s a word now), and keeping faith in yourself.
  • I believe that sarcasm is the highest form of sincerity.
  • I’m sober because bad things happen when I drink. The last time I went to the bar, America elected Donald Trump to be President.
  • I feel equally at home seeing either Kesha or Garbage in concert.
  • The best compliment I’ve ever received was that my personality is a mix between Elle Woods and Olive Penderghast. My boyfriend adds that I’m also as pretty as Blake Lively.
  • I feel equally out of place seeing either Kesha or Garbage in concert.
  • My favorite books are Lean In#GIRLBOSS, and The Art of Asking.
  • (Yep, I put affiliate links on my about page. I never claimed to be a good blogger. But seriously. They’re amazing books.)
  • I was once quoted in Teen Vogue as a relationship expert. And then again in Bustle. You can read more about that in my press kit, though.

What I do

I run the Anthrapologist brand, which is a fancy way of saying that I make sarcastically inspiring t-shirts and sell them on the internet. An anthrapologist (also a word now) is an apologist for mankind. So someone who will relentlessly defend, support, appreciate, and cheer for humanity as a whole. Even when they’re kind of acting like jerks.

I’m the creator of the Single AF podcast about being single, dating, relationships, love, and other junk. Oh, and I wrote a book called How to Be Single (Without the Bullshit).

What this blog is

I started blogging about my life here because I needed a place to talk about my misadventures as a professional creator and entrepreneur. This blog is meant to be a lighthearted look at my life in the round, so to speak. You will read about my struggles, my downfalls, and my failures. You will also get blogging, social media, and YouTube tips and techniques as I learn them and manage to find some success because sharing is caring. To start, here’s the best blog post I’ve ever written, called How to Build an Audience for Your Blog (Without the Bullshit).

The entire reason I do this is to inspire people.

I want other people to appreciate, know, understand, and support themselves. I want them to do that for other people, as well. This blog is about being an entrepreneur, but it’s written from the perspective of an eternal optimist, sunshine personified, and someone who believes in you. Whoever you may be. Even if I don’t know you. (Yet. I don’t know you yet. Feel free to reach out so I can get to know you!)

I’ll probably never make any graphics that fit well with Pinterest or create some free downloadable content to bait you into signing up for my newsletter, although you should totally subscribe anyways because it’ll make me feel important. Most of my writing comes off as a bit edgy and raw because I suck at editing and can’t be bothered to reach a conclusion 90% of the time. (Jessica, my best friend and number one squad member, calls me out on this every time I read a piece out loud. I included this parenthetical so that she’ll be flattered into not making me edit this page.)

In other words, I don’t fit the typical mold of a blogger. Or an internet entrepreneur. Or a person who hangs out in Facebook groups and joins Instagram comment pods.

But I am hella entertaining, somewhat smart, decent at listening, and dripping with sex appeal (making sure you’re still awake), so you should find some value in my words if you’re a misfit, a rebel, a sweetheart, an artist, or a business owner. If you don’t, it’s probably because you haven’t asked me your specific question yet.

So let’s do this thing.

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