1,000 Twitter Followers: Unshrouding the mystery

My phone buzzed the other night. It has a tendency to do that a lot. Go figure that working in social media means getting notifications. Try to contain your shock and awe. But this notification was a bit different than the normal buzz! I’d hit 1,000 Twitter followers and Twitter’s mobile app was kind enough to notify me!

I swipe right when my e-peen grows I hit a milestone.

1,000 Twitter Followers: Unshrouding the Mystery / What happens when you finally hit your first major social media milestone and hit 1,000 followers on Twitter? Do you get verified on Twitter? Do you become an internet celebrity and skyrocket to fame? Do people stop you on the street to ask for your autograph?

In which I provide absolutely no tips, but gaze at my navel a bit.

So I opened the app and wouldn’t you know it: I had the blue check mark by my name!

Just kidding. Nothing looked any different. But I had a comma in my follower count on Twitter, so that was pretty cool. And that meant that 1,000 people had chosen to pay attention to what I say on Twitter. That was even cooler!

It’s a good feeling. Yes, that feeling does mostly come from vanity, and no, there isn’t a lot more value to having 1,000 Twitter followers than there was to 950. But I can say that I hit one of my goals for 2016. This is coming in the final hour of the year. It’s also most likely the only goal I’ll hit for the year. I’ll take the win.

1,000 Twitter Followers: My only win so far

As a reminder, my goals for 2016 were as follows:

I’m not terribly likely to hit the rest of my goals for the year. It isn’t for lack of trying, although it is probably from a lack of content of the summer. I’ve also spent a lot of time putting a lot of effort into running full speed without actually choosing a target destination. Of course I wasn’t getting anywhere. But that’s another article.

Hitting 1,000 followers tell me that I have found my voice. It means I’ve also started to find an audience to hear it. I know who I am now. I’ve figured out what kind of content I want to create. I have a mission. Maybe there’s an audience for the empowering, comedic ramblings of a feminist gay boy after all. If there is, I’m hoping that some of you are in my first 1,000 Twitter followers. I’m also hoping that some of you have already found your way to my blog and channel and Medium articles.

If you haven’t, that’s okay. I’ll keep writing and pushing it out there until you do.

Tips for getting 1,000 followers on Twitter fast

I’m probably the worst person to ask for advice when it comes to social media because my growth has been painfully slow (yet hearteningly steady!), but…

My advice for gaining followers on Twitter is as follows:

  • Don’t spam people
  • Don’t forget to be interesting
  • Don’t use auto-DMs for the love of all that is good
  • Don’t be a jerk
  • Do follow people back if they seem interesting
  • Do post things people want to see
  • Do reach out and talk to people with mutual interests
  • Do follow interesting people, even when they don’t follow you back

If you want actionable, do-it-right-now advice, here’s what I do when I want new followers on Twitter:

  1. Have a thought that’s interesting/funny.
  2. Tweet it.
  3. Search for other people who just said the same thing.
  4. Tweet “omg whaaaat twinsieeees!!!” in response.
  5. Follow them.
  6. ???
  7. Profit.

You’re welcome.

So what happens when you hit 1,000 Twitter followers?

Not a whole bunch.

It’s vain, vacuous validation. But it matters to me because in that group, there are dozens of truly amazing people. That tells me that I’m on my way to finding hundreds (and, someday, hopefully thousands) more people who are equally amazing.

And eventually I’ll have the best audience in the world for me and what I’m saying.

That’s worth continuing onward for.

So no, you don’t skyrocket into internet fame or get an invitation to an exclusive club. But you do get confirmation that you’re doing something right. You have proof that there’s a market and an audience for what you’re doing and saying.

And that means it’s worth taking a moment to recognize.

Thank you all for being part of my journey so far.

6 comments on “1,000 Twitter Followers: Unshrouding the mystery”

  1. Patrick Cleary Reply

    Congratulations! I always stay humbled on this by remembering that my personal account has more followers than my professional account, and both of them have fewer followers than my puppet cat.

    • Michael Noker Reply

      That’s what happens every time I look at Facebook! I have three times the amount of friends as I do Likes. And the number of friends who actually watch my videos and read my stuff is like… 10. On a good day. Humble indeed!

  2. Chloe Reply

    1000 followers on Instagram and Twitter were also my goals! I think I’m at about 950 for Instagram but like another 400 for Twitter. Congratulations on getting there!

    • Michael Noker Reply

      I’m the opposite! I’m toootally lagging behind on Instagram (I think because it’s only just now starting to make sense to me). Next up is Pinterest, which I may never understand.

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