3 Blogging Taboos You Should Break

Blogging is the world’s most dangerous career.

When you run a personal blog, your mission is to get people invested in reading about your life. You have to connect. You have to be vulnerable.

Let’s become better at our jobs. Let’s make it more dangerous. Let’s break some taboos.

Avoid drama

Nobody wants drama.

Online media – blogging, or worse, vlogging – is the one career path where people tell you to go kill yourself over minor dissatisfaction.

Nobody tells the McDonald’s cashier to go die in a fire when the burger is missing ketchup.

But if I release a video talking about bullying, someone out there is hoping I get AIDS.

What can you do? Fly low. Stay off the radar. Stop building your audience and be happy with the 200 subscribers you’ve got on YouTube.

Or dare to keep going, even when people start to hate you. Stand out from the crowd. Be an individual. Be you.

Own your niche

People want to listen to experts.

How do you establish expertise?

Be the first to come up with an idea. Create the best possible piece of content around that idea. Defend that idea to the death. Anyone who wants to steal it can pry it from your cold, dead hands. You’re the expert. You’re the authority. Your blog is the blog.

If they insist on using it, charge them. License it. Track down your photos with Google Images and send take down notices. File suits against any YouTube videos that use your music. Make sure that you never talk about other, smarter people on your blog. You don’t want to give away advertising for free.

Or embrace collaboration.

If someone enjoys your idea, invite them to create more content around it with you. Open your blog to guest posts.

When people ask questions, answer them, honestly and transparently, to the point of exhausting them with your openness.

Join teams. Promote other people more than you promote yourself. Be part of a squad. Give your content away freely. Let the world embrace your art.

Keep it relevant

People come to your blog to read about the new spring fashions. Stick with that. Forever. After all, your SEO, your branding, and your social media presence all revolve around spring fashion.

Your subscribers would leave if you ever talked about fall fashion.

You would get hate mail if you opened up about your most recent bad date.

If you showed your passion for photography in an engaging way, you’d basically have to re-brand everything.

Or embrace your creative side.

Count on your audience to enjoy the content that you are creating because you are the one creating it.

Keep yourself sane and your content fresh by pushing the boundaries. Include tangential content, especially from other creators. Expand into similar topics. Talk about something that’s weighing on you personally. Embrace that vulnerability.

You are a whole person. Act like it.

I dare you to break at least one of these taboos with your next post or video. Take a risk. Create something new, unique, and unheard of. List some of your photos on a stock photography site. Republish a post on a site that wouldn’t dream of paying you.

Break some rules.

Blog dangerously.

Let me know how it goes in the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog.

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      Oooh a blog dangerously shirt sounds amazing! I’d wear that! Thank you very much for the compliments – I just hope someday I’m half the blogger you are.

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