#BrokeAssSmallYouTuber Tag Video Questions

What’s up everybody?

In case you missed it, there’s a Twitter hashtag community full of fed up, starving small YouTubers networking, finding friends, sharing tips, and getting tons of encouragement. You should join in the fun if you haven’t already.

To commemorate the experience, we created the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber video tag.

Questions for the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber tag video - a way for every participant in the small YouTube community to join in the fun!

#BrokeAssSmallYouTuber Tag Video Questions

  1. What potato do you film with?
  2. How many objects is your tripod made out of?
  3. What song do you wish you could afford the rights to? Have you used it in chipmunk form anyways?
  4. How many pennies have you made in the last 28 days?
  5. Which window do you film in front of?
  6. What inspires you to keep making videos even when you haven’t found success yet?
  7. What’s your favorite “hack?”
  8. What video are you most proud of?
  9. Who are your favorite fellow #BrokeAssSmallYouTubers?
  10. What video would you create if you had an unlimited budget? Think BIG!

Finally, don’t forget to join in the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber community on Twitter and support your fellow creators! We’re all in this together!

Did you miss what #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber was all about? Watch my short explanation video from Monday.

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