Is Anyone Else Fucking Sick of Jim Rohn Quotes?

Jim Rohn quotes. Entrepreneurship. Me stabbing myself in the throat. It goes together like peanut butter and jelly. Here’s why I probably muted you on Twitter or unfollowed your Facebook posts.

There are two types of entrepreneurs nowadays. Let’s interrupt this post to spend a moment lighting a candle for originality. It’s heartbreaking that the supposed most innovative people in the universe can be divided into two camps.

Is Anyone Else Fucking Sick of Jim Rohn Quotes? / Michael Noker / / On creativity, originality, being unique, entrepreneurship, and all the ways you people are driving me up the wall.

Ignore the fact that I started a post complaining about cliches with a cliche.

The first type is the group of people who are so insanely consumed by their ideas and their passions that they had no choice but to strike out on their own. These are the artists, inventors, creators, broke-ass stand up comics, and lovable oafs of the business world. They’re the Joe Bidens of entrepreneurship. They make millions of mistakes, can’t follow simple how-to guides to save their lives, and lose no wind from their sails, even when they’ve hit an iceberg. They’re probably making something unique, quirky, and relatively useless right now. Truly making something.

Call me biased, but I like these people. I am these people.

Then there’s the other type.

But first, here’s a Jim Rohn quote to make you feel like I know something about entrepreneurship.

“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.”

Excuse me while I go cry in the shower.

Jim Rohn Quotes: When you want to get rich, but, like, thinking is hard

I actually got that last quote from an article on SUCCESS. It lists nine more quotes just like it. At the top of the page, they provide an option to sign up for the Jim Rohn newsletter.

The dude is dead. Someone is collecting email addresses (and thus a paycheck) by literally copying and pasting a dead guy’s quotes into MailChimp templates.

Can we think about how fucked up that is for a second?

It’s genius, though, right? Take a big name with a lot of mass appealing material and capitalize on his work as soon as he’s too dead to raise an eyebrow. And I’m going to guess they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars to sell webinars, conferences, and ebooks to the thirsty, sad motherfuckers who just wanted a daily dose of inspiration.

And in the age of automation, they don’t actually have to do anything except cash in. They can copy and paste everything he ever said, set it to deliver a random quote at various intervals, add in a link to whatever the hell they’re selling today, and wait for the dollars to roll in.

Trust: the dollars will roll in. Because entrepreneurs want to drop thousands to network, take a Pinterest class, join exclusive forums, and meet via Skype with rich people who got rich by telling other people how to get rich (Quickest method: start a consulting company for entrepreneurs. That’ll be $200, please).

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It disgusts and irritates me. Partly on principle and partly because I didn’t get in on the ground floor back in 2005 when this shit first became ridiculously lucrative.

I could have my own Netflix documentary by now.

Jim Rohn quotes aren’t the way to go

Here’s another one for you.

Is Anyone Else Fucking Sick of Jim Rohn Quotes? / / "If you are unwilling to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." - Jim Rohn

Does anyone else find it fucking ironic that someone took the time to make such a generic picture from a quote about being unique and standing out from the crowd? And then had the balls to put it on the internet: the world’s toughest, most saturated market.

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There are a million paths you can take to success as an entrepreneur. That’s the beautiful thing about being self-employed: you can do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to skip your podcast for the week while you spend the day driving around with a stripper, you’re welcome to. I did today. You have my permission.

So why the hell are we using all this creative freedom to copy what everybody before us has done? Why do so many entrepreneurs choose other entrepreneurs as their target market? How can this many people be willing to buy into the world’s largest pyramid scheme? And how long will this pattern repeat before people cut that shit out and start making their own way again?

I’m not saying you need to create all your own stuff. Of course not. But why not at least find a new source for quotable material? Even the dumbest motherfuckers with zilch for creative capacity can Google inspiring quotes for entrepreneurs -“jim rohn” so why the hell am I writing this post?

Better yet: actually take the time to support the people from your networking groups. Surely you’ve made some friends who’ve said something witty at some point. Quote the insufferable bastards from your personal development book meet up group. Stand out that way. Source material that hasn’t been printed all over napkins at an Avon conference.

My sanity will thank you.

To end, I’m going to quote a fellow creator, Patrick AKA xingcat, who offered some brilliant advice on having ideas in his blog post today.

Ideas are as common as dirt, and what’s important is the work we do after we take an idea and begin to make something out of it. – Patrick Cleary

Today, instead of vomiting up yet another Jim Rohn quote on your Facebook feed, why don’t you try making something unique and beautiful with it, or find a different bro to defer to?

(But no more word art.)

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  1. Patrick Cleary Reply

    Aw, thanks for the pingback! And I learned what a pingback is! Win-win!

    Now you need to make a video about your trip with the stripper, I think.

    • Michael Noker Reply

      See, I want to, but I’m worried it’s going to turn out like that guy who ghosted me mid-conversation where the story kept getting better and better as it developed. But I think it’s going to factor into me making fun of morning routines next week-ish.

  2. Gonzalo S Reply

    Hey, this was a good and fun read.

    We should take more action instead of “motivating” us with inspiring quotes, motivation will only take us so far, an enterpreneur requires endurance and discipline in order to get ahead in life.

    Cheers from Bolivia

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