How I’d spend Halloween if I weren’t almost homeless

Guess what, guys!? It’s almost Halloween! Like you have five days left! Are you excited!? Me neither! I still don’t have a costume picked out and I’m going to be driving for Uber for the next 120 hours straight so that I can make my rent payment because nobody chose to pay me to make things this month!

Yay! Glamorous.

But if you’re not in my boat (god help you if you are), here are five ways to get in the mood for Halloween – The Noker style!

Chill with some chilling stories

I can’t be the only person who falls asleep listening to creepy pastas on YouTube, right?

On that note, did you know I have a podcast about dating problems?

On the second episode of the Single AF Podcast, I told three scary first date stories.

How romantic.

What’s your favorite of the three stories? Do you have your own to share? Leave a comment on this post and you may make it into next weeks episode!

Make a last-minute DIY costume! Because Pinstagram!

My lovely friend Karen Honestly made a video with a few ideas for last-minute DIY Halloween costumes.

You should watch it. Because she’s hilarious.

My favorite!?

100 Layers of Color!!!

100 Layers of Color!!!!!

Make some decor or something idk

My very talented friend Dory’s Stories has a DIY ghost plushie tutorial video and he’s soooo cute omg omg omg. So cute, in fact, that I made my own, broke-ass version using white copy paper and a Sharpie.

Watch some scary #YouTubeIsHaunted videos

If you’re not already familiar with the #YouTubeIsHaunted video tag and the incredibly entertaining small YouTuber celebration in the spirit of Halloween, you need to get your shit together and get on the bandwagon. Like… right now.

Get hammered

If I’m being honest, this is probably what I’d actually be doing on Halloween night if I weren’t driving all night.

C’est la vie.

Don’t judge me.

My loves, how are you planning to celebrate Halloween 2016? Are you going to be hustling for rent like I am? Will you be making your own costume like Karen, or a cute plushie like Dory? More importantly, what’s your costume and your liquor of choice? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe!

6 comments on “How I’d spend Halloween if I weren’t almost homeless”

  1. Patrick Cleary Reply

    On Halloween night, I’ll be hiding with the lights off and no candy for the kids. Two nights before, Peter and I are going to a party where I’ll be dressed up as Ozzy Osborne and he’ll be a penguin. Because we’re JUST THAT COOL.

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