5 Awesome Methods to Inspire Amazing Posts

Are you struggling for an idea? Stop staring at the blank screen. Inspiration doesn’t come if you wait. You have to tackle it to the ground. You have to hunt it.

Ever had a brilliant idea – the one that will totally end up making the front page of Huffington Post – only to forget it by the time you got out of the shower?

Inspiration is fleeting. It’s short-lived. It will outrun you. So why are you sitting around waiting for it to come to you?

How to create one year of content in one afternoon

Choose your favorite of these five methods and hammer it out on your next day off. Or right now.

Method 1: What are your pain points?

Write down every complaint, every annoyance, every pet peeve.

The frustrating experience of writer's block.

I hate when someone tries to eat my computer. #sorelatable

I get road ragey in traffic. I have a distaste for cream cheese. I don’t like when people push my boundaries.

I’m willing to bet some of your whines are relatable. Write a post about each. Or write a post about minor annoyances and inconveniences in general. Write a post about how we get annoyed too easily.

Where do you think this post came from? Bloggers get creative blocks – it’s challenging to put out three videos and several posts per week. That makes me grouchy.

Also write down your audience’s pain points. What challenges are they facing? What questions do they have?

If you have to, go on your favorite social media site and ask them.

Answer those questions. Solve their problems. Provide value.

They’ll love you for it. And when you answer questions, you’re guaranteed at least one reader.

Method 2: Talent borrows; genius steals

If you’re a beauty blogger, what are the trends? Silver-gray hair and beanies. How do you make that trend your own? 

It’s January 2. Talk about your new year’s resolutions, but put your own spin on it – give it your unique voice – and then share your thoughts with other bloggers around you because you need to talk to people and stop being such a weird loner.

If you’re a business blogger, get up-to-date on industry changes. Are there any new laws affecting how you or your customers do business? How are your industry leaders adapting?

You’re going to benefit in two ways: first, you’re informed. Second, you have the opportunity to find resources for sharing with your audience. Sharing links to useful information is an excellent tool for branding and establishing yourself as an expert. At minimum, you can put together a list of your favorite resources every week and that makes you seem friendly.

Method 3: Say thank you

As your blog grows, you find people who help you along the way. You make friends, find supporters and fans, and engage with a huge community.

Fox and the Hound: Copper, you're my very best friend. And you're mine too, Todd.

You’re my best friend, you guys.

Give back to them. I like to do a shout-out at least a couple times per month on my YouTube channel for my friends who’ve been especially encouraging.

Take a moment to write a post thanking your audience and letting them know that you care for them. Give them an opportunity to either give you feedback or ask for it themselves. Engage with them, talk with them, and ask what they’re working on right now. They all have their own lives and activities – what cool things are they doing?

You’re going to be seen as a friend, establish goodwill, and likely find several dozen post ideas in the process – post ideas that will sell.

Method 4: Be your own inspiration

Be your own inspiration. Sunset over Yuma, Arizona

You have a story to tell. Talk about your past. Talk about problems you’ve overcome. Talk about your struggles and what is nagging at you. We’re all human. Talk about your achievements or failures.

If you’re a business blogger, talk about how your company is coping with changes and embracing new technology. Tell the story of how you started your business. Talk about why you are passionate for your industry.

Method 5: Be inspired by someone else

There’s a reason why Oprah Winfrey is so wildly successful. Why do you think she is? Write an article about that.

Talk about other peoples’ successes. Talk about the 12-year-old who sold a business for three million dollars. Talk about the deaf woman who conducted a symphony at the Sydney Opera House. Write a blog post about the small YouTuber who taught you how to grab inspiration by the balls. 

How do you find inspiration? Have you tried any of these methods yet? Let me know by commenting below! Make sure you subscribe to my blog and check out my YouTube channel, where I try to help you embrace your weirdness and improve your life with comedy and sarcasm.

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