These #ImWithHer t-shirts are selling like fucking crazy

I’m selling #ImWithHer t-shirts like fucking crazy. And I couldn’t be happier. Not in a million years. Because I like that successful capitalism involves marketing to liberals with a sense of humor. And supporting Hillary Clinton in her endeavors. In a way. But mostly just supporting me. Because capitalism.

Wanna see the designs? I know you do.

These #ImWithHer t-shirts are selling like freaking crazy. And I couldn't be happier. Because capitalism works best when it markets to liberals with a sense of humor.

#ImWithHer T-Shirts: The backstory

First, I want to thank Patrick. He regularly comments on this blog, my videos, and my Facebook posts. And he’s taken a lot of time out of a lot of busy days to say nice things to me and read my shitty creations and told me how to make them less shitty. He’s also a fellow creator (and a really good one at that – and just a bad ass gentleman in general).

Plus, he was one of those responsible American adult voters who watched the most recent presidential debate. Like, live, while it was airing, even.

He sent me a Facebook message during the debate (while I was experiencing the absolute worst fever delirium of my existence).

“Make a t-shirt that says ‘bad hombre’ and ‘nasty woman.'”

I told him I was too delirious to get the reference.

“Trump keeps saying it and everybody wants a t-shirt with those sayings.”

Okay. Sold.

Never one to be a perfectionist (and as Patrick helpfully pointed out, as advantageous as it is to be first to market), I whipped up the designs in like 20 minutes. Then I posted them, tagged them, threw them on Twitter and Facebook, and returned to bed to try not to die.

#ImWithHer t-shirt: Nasty Woman

17. That’s how many copies of this t-shirt I’ve sold. Apparently people want to keep America nasty. I support it.

I’m actually not sure where these are selling from. I’ve only sold a couple with my referral code attached (that means I make an extra 15% on a sale, by the way – or $4 rather than $1). They are either showing up somewhere in the Zazzle marketplace or they’ve been referred by somebody else who has a Zazzle account and a big, hilarious audience. It’s hard to tell which.

If you don’t want to buy this particular style of t-shirt, by the way, you can get it on a tank (or like 30 other shirt styles) and a wide variety of colors. That’s part of why I chose Zazzle.

#ImWithHer T-shirts: Bad hombre

7. I have sold seven of these t-shirts.

These aren’t making me rich, by any means. Like I’m still going to be driving Uber 20 hours a day through Halloween. But they took my Zazzle zRank from a 5 (which was still good!) to an 8. If I sell about 20 more with the referral code attached (hint, hint: through the links above), then I’ll have made enough to become a Zazzle ProSeller. In my second month. Which would be pretty cool!

Not likely, but cool! I dare to dream.

Do you like these #ImWithHer t-shirts? Are you a person who appreciates a side of capitalism with their humor? Is there any better way to make a living as a comedian? Let me know in the comments section below, and a unicorn just might poop on your forehead.

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