Time for a change: Monthly Life, Progress Update

So it’s pretty amazing how much your life can change direction in the span of a month. Or at least how much my life can change direction in the span of a month. Maybe you guys are more stable than I am.

At the beginning of the month, I was planning some really big projects to run the span of the summer. Those plans have changed significantly. I’m still working on some major projects, but they’re going to be wildly different.


Because I’ll be moving to El Paso this summer.

There were a couple reasons for this. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve started to feel “over” Albuquerque after a few different things happened (could you be more vague in this post, Michael?), so I’ve felt a strong temptation to move elsewhere.

Other options on my list were North Carolina, California, Temple, Texas, Phoenix, or even back to Ruidoso.

But my parents left Ruidoso several months ago and my best friend will be leaving shortly, so there really isn’t much driving me back there. I love the friends I still have there, but I also love the friends I have in Albuquerque. Apparently I do need a deeper connection with a place to enjoy it.

But guess where my best friend is moving?

El Paso had already been on the shortlist of places to move when I relocated to Albuquerque (Albuquerque won the coin toss since I knew the city better), so I think it’s time to give it a fair chance.

I get my best friend back. I get a new city and a fresh start. I have the experience of starting over in Albuquerque under my belt, so I know some of the bad decisions to avoid (like getting a little too wrapped up in the nightlife and not pushing myself forward as much as I should, despite working long hours every single day. And getting yet another exhausting yet low-paying job that both drains me and leaves me broke).

Now there are some downsides.

First, Albuquerque was the home of a lot of creative ideas, so I’ll have to let go of some of the major stuff I had been planning, as it was very community-dependent. I will not be continuing on with the #YouCantStopMe Project (at least not in the same capacity – I may still play a role, but it won’t be as in-depth).

Additionally, since I am completely broke and now trying to save up for a move, I won’t be attending VidCon this year. There’s always hope for next year, but it’s just not something I can afford to do right now.

So that’s kind of sad. But the FOMO isn’t going to keep me pinned down here.

I will, however, be launching a second blog and YouTube channel with my best friend over the summer. More on that later.

I also met a guy that has a lot of potential. More on him later, too.

Now, for the progress report this month, I don’t have a lot to report. The numbers haven’t changed significantly since last month. I think I gained 6 subscribers, maybe 20 followers on Twitter, and a handful on Instagram. Other than that, the new direction for my channel and my blog, although it’s been getting good feedback from long-time friends, has also led to far fewer views, so I almost feel like I’ve started over with my content. Which isn’t terrible.

Isolating hasn’t helped, either. But I’ve been in a far less social mood lately, both in-person and online. I think the change of pace once I get to El Paso will do a good job of hitting the reset button on that.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start, a major new project, and getting to spend so much more time with my best friend again. Overall, Albuquerque has been a good experience and I learned a lot from it (more on that later), but I’m excited to get out of here and move forward with my life.

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    • Michael Noker Reply

      Well so it turns out that LA is insanely expensive, really difficult to break into, and reallllllly far away from my best friend. I so can’t deal with that.

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