Here’s what happened in April 2016

Okay, folks! Another month is already behind us (I know, I can’t believe it, either), so it’s time to look over the numbers and see where I’m headed. And also to reflect on some pretty cool stuff that happened in the last 30 days!

Let’s start with some hard numbers! Specifically, the total today compared to the total in my previous progress report.

  • YouTube: 263 (245)
  • Twitter: 601 (570)
  • Facebook: 64 (60)
  • Instagram: 211 (200)

Those are the most important ones for me, so we’ll leave it at that. These aren’t amazing – it’s actually been one of the slowest months for me, growth-wise, since I started out. But I also spent far less time on social media (and promoting or networking as a whole) so it’s not at all surprising. As I mentioned at the beginning of April, I’m focusing almost entirely on creating right now.

My YouTube views and watch time dropped a little bit over March, but not by a significant amount. I was actually surprised by how much I retained even after I got away from commenting on other peoples’ videos so heavily, and since I strayed from the norm for most of the month. Basically, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much of my audience continued to give me their time.

My Twitter engagement dropped by quite a bit, but I also tweeted far less for most of the month. I had trouble finding time to post on Twitter because of how much I’ve been creating and doing outside of my channel (see the list of gigs I got below).

The major upside is my blog traffic increased by quite a bit – especially over the past couple weeks. I’m not ready to write a full traffic report for it, but know that the numbers are showing traction, which is pretty awesome and unexpected!

I am still going strong on collabs – I signed up for a few more and completed a few more, so I’ll most likely hit my goal of 50 by the middle of the year, rather than the end.

Additionally, I have been invited to write my very first guest post, which will be submitted in mid-May and published shortly after.

I buried the lede a bit on this, mostly because only people who legitimately care about me are going to read this far, so I wanted to share a few new developments that have happened (mostly) offline:

  1. I was asked to do photo shoots for three different people. I was also asked to record several performance videos this month. Additionally, I was asked to provide a photo shoot for the winners of a monthly competition.
  2. I made an ‘audition’ type of flyer and was offered a regular, ongoing role doing graphic design for events.
  3. I became the official blogger for Rock to Cure Cancer because of how much they enjoyed the profile and video I made about Marc Hendrix.
  4. I dreamed up several new projects I’ll be working on over the next few weeks to the next few months.

My hopes for May are to continue seeing an upward trend across the board and hopefully get my watch time and views on YouTube back up. Ideally, I’ll have two of the major projects ready for launch by the end of the month. Another is planned to release after VidCon (once life dies down a bit), so I’m hoping to get a start on it and nail down all the details.

I’m basically treating this quarter as an experiment in creation – seeing how much traction I can pull from focusing strictly on creating and letting my promotional and networking efforts die off almost completely.

I’m still watching my friends’ videos and reading lots of blog posts, but my role is getting a lot more passive, rather than trying to be aggressively friendly, as I was. I want to see if this strategy can lead to growth. If it is, it would be far more sustainable in the long-run than taking on a promotional mindset. It also means I’ll create a lot higher-quality stuff, which is kind of the point of creating, right? To bring beautiful things into the world?

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