Progress Report: Q1 2016

Welllllll howdy.

If you’re following me on my journey to turning social media into a career, or if you’re a brand looking to work with me during the month of April, this is probably going to be a great post for you to read!

If you’re not all that interested, that’s fine. Here’s a video of me getting drunk and teaching you how to read kanji.

Let’s talk about my numbers first

It probably would have helped to actually note my numbers at the beginning of the year, but no matter. I kind of remember well enough to guess most of them (and for everything else there’s Social Blade!). As a point of reference, my goal for the year is to hit 1,000 followers across all platforms.


I’m gonna start with the hardest one: Twitter. I think I had around 200 followers at the beginning of the year. Maybe a couple less. I’m ending the first quarter with 570 Twitter followers.

The biggest things that helped me on Twitter were the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber movement and getting sucked into several different group chats for the many collab videos.

So I rocked Twitter. Moving on.


I’m closing out the quarter with about 200 Instagram followers.

This is up by maybe 30 from the beginning of the year. I’ve slacked on Instagram until the last couple weeks. Mostly because I was working on so many other things.


Facebook has been difficult. I’ve gained like 80 friends on my personal profile, but I’m only at 60 Likes on my page. Facebook is not where my audience is.

Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat

These are afterthoughts. I did get a lot of followers on Google+ and joined a couple different communities, although I haven’t done a lot on them. I have gained a lot of friends on Snapchat despite never using it. People from YouTube want to add me on Snapchat, but they don’t want to Like my Facebook page. Go figure. I also got a couple followers on and Medium, which are not platforms I’m focused on, but I do see some potential in Medium as a writer. I have written two unique posts there that did fairly well.

Blog followers

This has been difficult to measure. I was using Feedburner to manage subscriptions until a couple weeks ago when I switched to Jetpack. I had three subscribers through Jetpack. Now I’ve switched over to MailChimp to manage my list, but that was literally three days ago, so I doubt I have anybody on my list yet (I’m not even going to bother to look).


The numbers

My focus! I had around 130 subscribers at the beginning of the year and am ending the quarter with 245 subscribers. Again, the biggest thing pushing me forward on YouTube has been the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber community, which netted me about 30 subscribers in a week.

Engagement has stayed really strong. I get consistently high comments and thumbs up rates compared to my view and subscriber counts. I also feel really actively involved, which is great. I have slacked on my engagement over the past month as I’ve been working on bigger projects and things have come up in my personal life, so I do need to get back on the horse.

Secondary goals: Collabs

Remember how I decided I was going to do 50 collab videos this year? So far, I’ve been in 12, and I have another 12 recorded and submitted that will be published soon, and I’ve been invited to participate in several more that I’ll need to start writing soon, so I’m nearly half-way through my yearly goal after only three months. I should also be going on another channel’s set in person to do an interview soon, which is super exciting and a huge first for me!

Other developments: blog, channel, direction

At the end of the first quarter, I can say that my direction has changed quite a bit since the beginning of the year. Yes, the numbers are still super-important to me, and I do hope to hit 1,000 on everything by the end of the year, because it would be incredible.


I’m also looking far more intensely at the content I’m creating and how I’m going about creating and promoting it.

Namely, I’m looking at doing a lot less promotion and a lot more creating.

I am backing off at looking at the numbers and whether or not they’re coming. I am getting away from making videos about being single. I am choosing to take on special projects and try to create much grander things along the way.

  • I helped build the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber community and started the video tag, which has more than 50 creators participating now.
  • I became the producer for the You Can’t Stop Me project.
  • I’m organizing a huge and intricate collab.
  • I’m using things like Help A Reporter Out to get my voice out there.
  • I’m trying to kick off a New Mexico tourism project to last the summer (which probably won’t happen but I dare to dream big, yo).
  • I wrote a profile about Mr. New Mexico Pride 2016.
  • I applied to be on the Less Than Famous panel at VidCon this year.
  • I finally settled on branding and a posting schedule for this blog. I even have an editorial calendar set up through May.
  • I’m trying to get good with my DSLR, so you see a bajillion photos on this blog.
  • I’m working on my graphic design and understanding of Pinterest so I can build my blog following.
  • I’m going to put together a blog challenge (and shortly after a YouTube challenge) for people who want to blog dangerously.
  • I’m dedicating myself to earning my views through putting out quality content rather than just being excessively friendly to other people.

I changed how I approach my free time and my personal life, too. I’m attending as many events as I can and trying to use Albuquerque’s gay nightlife to fuel more than just shtick about my non-existent dating life. Part of this is a business decision and part of it is deeply personal. I’m trying to focus more on myself and my career and my art and my business and marrying those ideas together than I am on finding a random dude to watch movies and share household chores with.

I didn’t know where I wanted to go at the beginning of the year. I just knew I wanted numbers. Now, my mind is starting to imagine all the things I want to create and do, rather than just how many people I want to watch whatever it is that I end up doing.

I’m focusing on my direction and my art. I’m working on building something beautiful here.

The numbers can come later. Even if it’s much later.

Because this is my baby. This is my creative outlet. This is what I am putting out into the world. I want it to be beautiful.

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