New Shirt Designs Are Live!

What’s up, guys? I launched a Zazzle store yesterday. Do check it out and tell me what you think – it’s called Anthrapologist (Get it? Because it’s a pun? I slay me.)

I’ve made 5 designs in the last 24 hours, plus there’s a couple older ones I made in 2014 the last time I got this ambitious (also in September – apparently this time of year is when I design t-shirts. Who knew).

Here’s my favorite so far:

An inspirational women's tank top that says "I am not an ornament."

And yes, there is a men’s version available.

I made this shirt to play along with my fitness blog, Get Two Fit.

I like it because it captures the essence of what our blog is all about: fitness as a path toward improving your body and your health, not so that you will look better, but so that you will feel better, get stronger, and become more capable of doing beautiful things with your body and with your life.

Because you are not a decoration. You are not an ornament. You are a human, with a life. That needs to be lived and used constructively.

So there’s that.

There’s also a tank inspired by The Chainsmokers and Daya’s “Don’t Let Me Down” (best song of 2016, damnit) and one that’s picking at gay men’s tendency to insist on masculinity and other self-hating bullshit.

But then there’s also my personal favorite. Because, again, I like puns.

Voulez-vous coucher dans moi French humor mens tank top suggestive humor clip thing.

Voulez-vous coucher dans moi? it asks.

Would you like to sleep in me?

Cute, right?

Anyways. As always, I love you all. Sharing is caring. Buying is even cooler if you dig ’em. All the shirts are available in various styles (for both sexes) if you love a design but hate a particular shirt style (god bless Zazzle).

Stay beautiful, people.

Also, what are you guys working on right now? I’m in a hella creative mode, so I’m like… cranking out graphics and not paying attention to the world. Update me on what’s up.

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