Sub Box: Weekly favorites, Vol. 1

What’s going on, internet?

Let me answer that question for you. Here are the best things my friends made this week.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You

NateDontFly put out this video, in which he creeps on himself from his own bathtub and has one of the most hysterical moments to incorporate a butcher knife I’ve seen this month.

Also, that thumbnail is goals.

ArtStyle Worldwide Releases Trailer

So my good friend (and gorgeous, silly, stunningly smart beauty guru) Elle aka MissGlamBAM joined up with cutely creepy and contagiously enthusiastic friend Dory of Dory’s Stories, as well as four other girls from around the world, to create a new collab channel. They released their trailer this morning. Make sure you subscribe and show them some love!

(That thumbnail is also enviable. I need to work on my thumbnail game.)

Small YouTuber GIFs

Daniel Moran AKA DanielDorable created a Tumblr blog for small YouTubers to upload GIFs from their videos.

It’s hysterical, a brilliant idea, and so long as we keep driving it forward and getting it traction, I think it’s going to be an excellent way to give a lot of creators from our circle a nice boost in visibility.

So check out Small YouTube GIFs and follow it.

Karen Honestly didn’t poison herself

And she officially started a war against me to use Toto’s “Africa” as much as possible.

She’s so infectiously happy.

And finally…

Andrea of The Sharifi Life celebrates one year on YouTube!

This was probably my favorite video of the week. I love Andrea. I think she’s hilarious. She’s one of the kindest and most supportive (yet sarcastic) people I know. She’s the best drinking buddy you could ever have. She’s starting up some collab projects as well. And she’s also going to be getting smashed and judging guys’ beards with me soon.

So basically she’s incredible as fuck.

I’m happy to have her as part of our community, and the way she made this video was so sweet and touching that it almost made my cold, dead heart start beating again.


Maybe next year, Andrea.

Maybe next year.

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