#YouTubeIsHaunted: A new YouTube video tag!

I LOVE when the small YouTuber community joins together as, well, a community. For the month of October, we’re doing a horror-themed video tag called #YouTubeIsHaunted.

The premise is simple:

Something is killing all the YouTubers.

If you watch and you have a channel, you may be next.

It takes me back to the days of the #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber tag and the community that budded from that. I became friends with lots of really talented, amazing, and supportive creator overnight, so I’m looking forward to seeing what an entire month-long community project is going to lead to for all of us.

#YouTubeIsHaunted Tag Rules

Join the tag and help spread the word, somebody must know how to stop this thing.

  1. Your video must begin with you watching the end of another YouTuber’s video who has done the tag.
  2. The thing usually attacks and kills the YouTuber before the end of the video, we can only hope this doesn’t happen to you.
  3. The video must end with the YouTuber making a video message saying: “YouTuber Name, If you are watching this you are in great danger. They know who you are, and they’re coming for you.” Cut to black and #YouTubeisHaunted. This is essentially tagging the next person/persons.
  4. Include the hashtag in the title of your video and link back to the YouTuber you started the video with (the one who tagged you).

Copy and paste this message into the description box below the video.

We must spread the word and figure out what in the world is going on! Make a video and upload it! Before it gets you! There isn’t much time!

It’s coming.

Of course, several creators have already been involved in it – many of them my friends. One, Josh Essex, left his video entirely open, so I’m super excited to say that I get to make my own video too!

I’m looking forward to

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