Work With Me/Licensing

 Let’s talk about stuff!

For creators:

“I also create stuff and used your stuff to create more stuff”

Show me your stuff! Tweet it at me or DM it to me or just mention me somewhere in the content and Google will eventually notify me.

“I want to interview you/feature you/get your help with stuff”

How fun! Reach out to me! Twitter works best. Or shoot me an email on my contact page. Go for it. Go now. With haste!

“I want to make stuff with you”

Excellent! Twitter’s definitely going to be your best best. Make sure you’re following me, and then either @ me or send a DM. @michaelthenoker

“I make stuff and want you to make stuff on my platform”

I am currently limiting the number of platforms my stuff appears on and consolidating. If you have a publication on Medium, that’s great – feel free to add my existing Medium material to it. If you’re launching a new, collaborative YouTube channel, that’s great, and I wish you the best of luck. Please let me know when you have a specific video you’d like me to help you with. If you’re hiring writers for a paid position, keep reading. If you’re looking for interns or people to contribute for the promise of partial ownership of your company, keep looking.

For brands, companies, and buyers:

“I want to pay you to create stuff for me”

That’s exciting and I love you already! Email me what stuff you’d like to see me create and I’ll get back to you with whether it sounds like a good fit!

“I like your opinion and perspective about stuff and want you to create stuff for my website about stuff”

Excellent! Send me an email letting me know a bit about your outlet and what you think my voice and offer your audience.

“I want to pay you to create stuff with my stuff included”

Awesome! I think we’re talking brand deals and influencer marketing, but using stuff way too much has gotten kind of confusing and stuff. And I’m writing this while I’m fighting a fever and kind of stuffed up.

All the same, shoot me an email and you can let me know what stuff you have. If it’s relevant to my audience, then we’ll talk about where you can send your stuff and how much money I need to make stuff that features your stuff.

“I want to know why I should pay you for your stuff”

Besides quality and style (and sass), I do come with some numbers.

Rough social following, current as of December 10, 2016: 

  • Twitter: 1.1k
  • YouTube: 346
  • Instagram: 6k
  • Facebook: 800
  • Google+: 100

(Note: Numbers are rounded and across accounts, depending on purpose)

Engagement is rated at an A or higher on Social Bluebook for every account on every platform.

I don’t have a large following, but they are passionate, enthusiastic, and support me dearly. Remember that.

Other appearances/press:

  • Bustle
  • Broadly (Vice)
  • Teen Vogue
  • Business Insider
  • BuzzFeed
  • Our Queer Stories
  • Creative Click Media
  • Woman Pulse
  • HuffPo/Amy Oestreicher’s blog
  • Acorns Grow Magazine
  • Grasshopper


  • 72% from the United States (10% from Mexico, 3% from UK, Australia)
  • 69% male/31% female, many members of LGBTQ community
  • Many have social influence and creative skills, as well