Can We Talk About Mental Masturbation?

And more importantly, can you stop dicking around?

I want to be blunt: you’re probably in the process of failing right now, and it’s not for lack of effort, or intelligence, or appropriate caution, or luck. You’re just wasting a lot of time planning and not actually, well, doing anything.

I know you. I know that you could take a Scrooge McDuck money-bath if you had only recycled the paper all your discarded to-do lists were written on. I know that you could paper mache a pinata the size of Texas with all your old vision boards and project plans. Because I am you.

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I Cry, Sometimes, at Night: The reality of entrepreneurship

I want to talk about the reality of entrepreneurship – or at least of getting started with that whole “quit your day job and build your own empire” thing.

About a year ago, when I moved to Albuquerque, I got on Tinder for the first time.

Initially, I was just curious what all the fuss was about. But when I started matching with guys like crazy, it turned into an addiction to validation.

Then I started actually talking to my matches.

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New Shirt Designs Are Live!

What’s up, guys? I launched a Zazzle store yesterday. Do check it out and tell me what you think – it’s called Anthrapologist (Get it? Because it’s a pun? I slay me.)

I’ve made 5 designs in the last 24 hours, plus there’s a couple older ones I made in 2014 the last time I got this ambitious (also in September – apparently this time of year is when I design t-shirts. Who knew).

Here’s my favorite so far:

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The Problem with Sub4Sub Culture

Let’s talk about the time I was forced to define the problem with sub4sub culture. I was sitting at the kitchen table with Jessica, working on our promotional plan for Get Two Fit. She asked, “How do you get subscribers on YouTube, anyways? Like, do you talk to people and drop a link, or…?”

I had trouble answering her because I still can’t grasp how I’ve gotten the number of subscribers that I do have. Who knows why they click the subscribe button? I just know that they do sometimes, and other times they don’t. On really bad days, they get pissed off about something that I’ve said and unsubscribe, never to be heard from again (like yesterday’s video).

I explained my general process: engage with people, hope you rank for search terms (this happens more naturally when you’ve got an actual topic, like fitness, to focus on), ask them to subscribe and make subscribing easy.

“What do you mean by engage though? Like how do you engage?”

I thought back to when I first started – and exactly how many videos I’ve commented on during my time on YouTube.

“Well,” I started. “You kind of… just… watch other peoples’ videos and leave a comment. And talk to them on Twitter. But you don’t do the whole like, ‘oh if you subscribe to my channel I’ll subscribe to yours, too,’ thing because it’s bad and annoying and yeah.”

“Why is it bad?” she asked.

Good question. I had to write a post about it.

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How to Care for Your YouTuber

He’s gone off the deep end. He used to post selfies on Instagram, sure, and once he tried to live tweet that episode of Pretty Little Liars because he thought it was a Thing that people do after watching a little too much of Donna in Parks and Rec. But now he’s really crossed the line.

He started a YouTube channel.

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How to Leverage a Small Following

In case you missed it, I was a guest on the Indie Intellect podcast and talked about why 2016 will be a major year for small YouTubers.

I brought up a study that focused on smaller creators (1,000 – 100,000 followers) on Instagram and how they can be the most effective partners for brands due to high engagement and trust. We expanded on this idea further by talking about Snapchat and how brands are using it to reach out to consumers more effectively.

Go ahead and watch it! I’ll wait.

(Also, side note, can we just say how cool it is that I finally had my first in-person collab!)

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