Juan Alcazar talks tips for small YouTubers

After being on YouTube for about five years, indie filmmaker Juan Alcazar of JC5 Productions is easily one of the most seasoned veterans of the small YouTube community. And he’s been gracious enough to share some of that knowledge today to help new and small YouTubers avoid some mistakes, find direction, and keep a shred of sanity.

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How to Be Successful When You’re Not that Good at Stuff

When #BrokeAssSmallYouTuber was kicked off, I was thrown into hundreds of conversations with hundreds of small creators. Some of them are insanely talented and wickedly brilliant. Some have a lot of potential to become great.

Several were singers. A couple were dancers. A few put out incredible art. Some told the most compelling stories I’ve ever heard.

And then there was me.

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Steph Payano: Less Than Famous

Steph Payano can be described in at least one million ways. She’s a sports marketing major and a small YouTuber. She uses her channel – her voice – as a means of inspiring her audience and teaching self-acceptance. She is wise beyond her years, insightful, in touch, and self-aware. She often tells humiliating stories in a way that delights, enlightens, and entertains. She recently won a spot on VidCon’s Less Than Famous panel for 2016 and was gracious enough to grant me an interview.

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The Payoff (and Price) of Working for Free

I’ve been on YouTube for about six months. I’ve owned this blog for about the same amount of time, though I didn’t take it too seriously until recently. If you look at all my content, you’ll notice a shift in focus (and, hopefully, an improvement in quality) as of about two months ago.

I’m a newbie. I’m new to this. I’m green.

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How to Be Successful: The No-Bullshit Guide

I want to sugarcoat this for you. I do. But I can’t.

A side-effect of being hypersocial and outgoing is that you make a lot of friends. A side-effect of having a lot of friends is watching a lot of people go through a lot of negative stuff.

It’s painful to watch. But do you know what makes it more painful? When you know that half the people who are suffering are responsible for it.

Because people are in love with their own suffering.

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Photo Shoot: DJ Angel Pitch at Sidewinders Bar

Yet again, I chose to play photographer and hold an impromptu photo shoot on Friday, March 11, 2016. The lovely and epic DJ Angel Pitch was guest DJing at Sidewinders Bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico and very graciously let me take some quick snaps of her in action.

DJ Angel Pitch chose to guest DJ at Sidewinders Bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A profile view of DJ Angel Pitch.
DJ Angel Pitch profile
A shot of the DJ's turn table.
A view of DJ Angel Pitch behind the Sidewinders banner.
Another view of the Pioneer turntable.


The photos were shot with my Canon EOS Rebel t5i. They are a little dark. I could definitely have upped the exposure a bit, but I’m still practicing. I’m actually really proud of how some of them turned out – especially the ones of the turntable itself.

If you want to use any of these images, please feel free to do so. Just link back to my blog. Also make sure you send me a link on Twitter when it’s published!

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